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For more information on purchasing prints and cards please see Purchasing Artwork Information. For purchasing or commissioning original artwork, please use the Contact Form.

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  • Select the title of the print you wish to purchase. Be sure to include quantity, what size and what type of print you want. To add additional titles/types of prints, please click the "+" icon.
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  • If you would like a print sized differently than A4 or A3, or if you would like an oversized print (larger than A3 (42 cm x 29.7cm; 16.5" x 11.7")), please specify the approximate size you would like. Alternatively, if you are working to a specific budget, please specify the Australian dollar amount (for print only, not inclusive of postage), and you will receive a quote for the largest size print available for your specified amount.
  • Select the title of the greeting cards you wish to purchase. Please select the quantity and whether you want the "Card Only" OR a "Card and Envelope". To add additional titles of greeting cards, please click the "+" icon.

    Special Offer: BUY 10 GET ONE FREE. (For every multiple of 11 of "Card Only" you pay $27.50 AUD. For every multiple of 11 of "Card and Envelope" you pay $30 AUD. Please select the title(s) of your free card(s), and the cost will be adjusted accordingly.)
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  • All profits firstly go to support John the Baptist Artworks' weekly expenses for outreach at Salamanca Market ONLY. ALL profits beyond this, including those from Salamanca Market sales, get sent to the following 2 charities. Please see "About John the Baptist Artworks" for more information. Please see "Image Use Policy" for my Statement of Faith.


Shipping Costs:

Domestic shipping costs within Australia are usually between $3-$13 AUD ($3-$13 USD)

International shipping costs are usually between $8-$15 AUD ($8-$15 USD) and up to about $20 AUD ($21 USD) for very large prints or high quantities of prints and cards. Pricing factors include weight, size and distance of the destination from Australia.