Missionary Portrait and Testimony: Singanahalli

Gospel For Asia native missionary portrait of Singanahalli.


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ONFS, Acrylic on Canvas, 34.5 cm x 46 cm (13.5″ x 18″)


Singanahalli is a native missionary with Gospel For Asia. This is his personal salvation testimony:

I was born July 8, 1974, into a Hindu family in India. Following the tradition, I grew up worshipping idols, visiting temples and offering sacrifices. Then suddenly, one day, I was affected by paralysis of the legs. I became very weak and could not walk. During all those days, my parents cried out to the Hindu gods, in the hope that I would be cured. But nothing helped, and I continued to suffer.

One day, a pastor visited my home and shared the Gospel message with my family. From the Scriptures he shared that Jesus heals the sick, saves the sinners and raises the dead. Though I was hearing the Gospel for the first time, I understood that Christ was slain on the cross for me. Soon repenting of my transgressions, I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Saviour. The moment I turned to the Almighty, He touched and healed me. My legs became strong, and I began to walk like before. Thereafter joining a believers’ church, I made a public testimony of my faith.

From the very day I gave my heart to the Lord, my only desire turned to exalt His name among the lost. Soon, God called me for full-time ministry, and I dedicated myself to expand the Lord’s kingdom and joined a Bible school.

As a full-time evangelist, I work in the unreached villages of India. The majority of the people I minister to are Hindus; most of them have never heard the name of Jesus.

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