Anonymous: Gangster, drug dealer and thief finds redemption in Christ

Anonymous, Sri Lanka, (personal information incomplete or not listed for security reasons)

I was born in Sri Lanka. After my college I started a job in a company, but I did not stay there very long. I soon joined another company but was sacked for unfaithfulness. Out of work and without a penny in my pocket I started indulging in petty thefts, robberies and even pick-pocketing. Later I became an active member of the underworld and started dealing in weapons. I also became a drug dealer. But life as a gangster was not easy, I had to live under the constant shadow of death. Many of the gangsters who were with me are alive no more. I had also been arrested many times, but I was never moved. But I was deeply disturbed when one of my close friends was killed before my eyes while I watched helplessly. It was then for the first time I realized that if I continued with this lifestyle I would also end up one day like my friend.

Thus I set out on my quest for the truth and peace. In my search for the true God I came to know about Jesus Christ who died for me on the cross of Calvary to redeem me from the clutches of the devil. Thus I accepted Jesus Christ as my personal Savior and testified His command in water baptism and started to go to the church and weekly fellowships on a regular basis. As I grew in the Lord He gave me a burden to serve Him among the unreached. Comprehending this as God’s call I joined a Bible school to equip myself for the Lord’s work. At present as an evangelist, I have a great burden to do the Lord’s work among the Buddhist majority in Sri Lanka.

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