John: Everything changed the night “the man with no hope” met Jesus

John, Liberia, Age 32

For I am a Ghanian because of my parents, but I was born in Liberia. My family came here to be a fisherman. I grew up as a Muslim because of my family. I chose to live a very immoral life. I spent most nights at parties and drinking alcohol. Among my friends, I was known as the one with no hope.

One night, however, one of my friends invited me to a weekend of Gospel meetings at his church. I was reluctant at first, because of my Muslim background, but he persuaded me to go because he was a good friend.

When I came in contact with Jesus that night, everything about me changed.

My family, because of Islam, asked me to leave the house, so I lived with my friend. My pastor began to take me under his wing as a disciple and began teaching the Scriptures. It was here that I received all of my Bible training. I then began to teach Sunday school at the church and later on became the leader of the evangelism department. Because of my new life, most of my family is now serving the Lord. When I heard about AFJ my heart was moved. I knew that God wanted me to take the Gospel where it has never been before.

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