Lee Strobel: Atheist and Yale Law Graduate Investigates the Case for Christ

Lee Strobel, USA

Lee Strobel was an atheist who thought the idea of a “God” was absurd. Later, however, he was challenged to investigate the historical evidence for Jesus and the claims of the Bible. As a Yale Law graduate and the legal editor for the Chicago Tribune he applied his skills to investigate the case for Christ. He documented his research in the best-selling book The Case for Christ.

Lee’s personal testimony of his journey from Atheism to believer in Jesus:



A video rendition of his best-selling book The Case for Christ:



A video of the resurrection of Jesus Christ:



A video of his investigation of The Case for a Creator can be found at:



Lee’s website, which features many videos and resources that investigate the historical, archaeological and scientific evidence for Jesus, God, the Bible, Creation, the Resurrection and many other issues about the fundamental elements of Christianity is: