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*All prices are based upon the Australian dollar (AUD). US dollar (USD) estimates on this website were accurate at the time of their posting, but may no longer be due to fluctuation. USD is only listed on this website as a rough guideline and not the actual price. The current exchange rate of the AUD at the time of purchasing artwork will be used to calculate the price for all international orders. When placing an order: 1. FOR GREETING CARD ORDERS PLEASE INCLUDE: FULL TITLE(S) AND QUANTITY. 2. FOR PRINT ORDERS PLEASE INCLUDE: FULL TITLE(S), QUANTITY, SIZE (A4, A3, OVERSIZE).
ALL PROCEEDS GO TO CHARITIES Your artwork purchase goes directly towards advancing the gospel and helping suffering people around the world! John the Baptist Artworks (JTBA) sends all profits beyond operating expenses to missions and charities. Profits firstly go towards JTBA’s weekly outreach. (See About John the Baptist Artworks for more information.) All profits beyond this get sent to three major international Christian missions and charities. (See the Ministries Link Page for more information about these organizations and the work they do. To see what projects money has been donated to in the past, see About John the Baptist Artworks.)
PURCHASING ORIGINALS Certain originals are for sale. Check the Availability Status (located directly underneath each image in the Gallery) to find out its price or if it has been SOLD. ONFS stands for “Original Not For Sale”. If an original is not available for sale, you may order an acid free print or an archival quality print of the image instead (see PURCHASING PRINTS below). Alternatively, in certain circumstances you can also commission me to do another “original” of an original work that has already sold. Some originals are framed; however, frames can be removed to save on shipping costs. The price of an original which has had its frame removed will be adjusted accordingly. To purchase an original, please contact me here
COMMISSIONING ORIGINALS I work on commission in a variety of different media, styles and subject matter, including portraits and landscapes. If you would like more information about commissions, including a quote, please contact me here Make sure to include the following information: 1) Media (charcoal, graphite, acrylic painting, etc.) 2) Approximate size (in centimetres). Convert inches to cm. 3) Style (photo realistic, impressionistic, abstract, etc.) 4) Target budget (In Australian dollars). Convert your currency into Australian dollars (AUD). Prices are mainly based upon how much time it takes me to produce the work (as well as the price of materials). Photo-realistic portraits at any size usually take between 25-40 hours to complete. The minimum starting price for a photo-realistic portrait in any media is around $300 AUD ($300 USD). Portraiture in other styles aside from photo-realistic are usually cheaper.
PURCHASING PRINTS ALL images in the Gallery can be reproduced as Archival Prints (but please see additional information below). Archival Prints are premier fine art quality prints. They will not fade or go yellow for a lifetime and even longer. They are printed on 210 gsm Canson Rag Photographique paper. The prices are as follows: A4 (21 cm x 29.7cm; 8.25″ x 11.7″) for $15 AUD ($12 USD) A3 (29.7 x 42.0cm, 11.69 x 16.53) for $30 AUD ($24 USD) REMAINING “ACID FREE” QUALITY PRINTS ARE ON CLEARANCE FOR 30-50% OFF. PLEASE SEE JTBARTS HOMEPAGE FOR FURTHER DETAILS. *WHILE SUPPLIES LAST* Acid Free Prints are meant to last a lifetime without going yellow or fading when put under UV filtering glass or perspex. Without these framing materials acid free prints should not go yellow with age, but they will eventually fade depending upon how much direct or strong sunlight they are exposed to. Acid free prints are on 300 gsm paper. A4 (21 cm x 29.7cm; 8.25″ x 11.7″) A3 (29.7 x 42.0cm, 11.69″ x 16.53″) If you want to order a print larger than A3, you need to get a quote. The proportions of most artwork do NOT fit standard frame sizes. When specifying A4 or A3, the largest dimension will be sized to correspond with an A4 or A3 size, and the other dimension will be adjusted accordingly. If you do NOT want a print sized to the standard A4 or A3, please indicate the size you want. Images in the Gallery that are already prepared for print are indicated by the words “Prints Available” in the Availability Status (located underneath each image in the Gallery). If “Prints Available” is not indicated in the Availability Status, the image can still be reproduced as a print; however, it may incur a set up fee. (***I try to stay as up to date as possible with the Availability Status, but sometimes I forget, so please inquire if you have any questions***) Many images in the Gallery can be reproduced at large sizes at high quality. However, some images may be restricted by the size of their printing file. If a print has been ordered at a size that will compromise resolution quality, this will be indicated in the quote, and you will receive a quote for the largest size print available at high quality. Modern printing technology is making limited editions and numbered prints obsolete. I neither limit nor number my prints; however, I do sign them. In order to calculate shipping for your order, you must receive a quote. please contact me here
GREETING CARDS NEW, IMPROVED, HIGHER QUALITY AND LARGER FOR EVERY 10 YOU BUY, YOU GET 1 FREE! Many of the most popular pieces of artwork are available in the form of greeting cards. The cards are blank inside while relevant Scriptures and sometimes a description about the artwork are printed on the back of each card. You may select whether or not you want “Card Only” or a “Card and Envelope”. Some of the cards have been discontinued, but you can still order them. However, they may cost a little bit more. You will be notified of this in the quote. Each greeting card fits within an envelope sized 13 cm x 18 cm (approx. 5.25″ x 7″). The only exception is The Intercessor, The Joy of The Redeemed: King David Dancing (all 3 images in 1 card) and The All-Surpassing Power in Jars of Clay cards, which fit in envelopes sized 11 cm x 22 cm (approx. 4.5″ x 8.5″). Cards come in the following 2 options: 1) “Card and Envelope” for$3 AUD ($3 USD) EACH (For every multiple of 11 cards you pay $30 AUD) 2) “Card Only” for $2.75 AUD ($2.75 USD) EACH (For every multiple of 11 cards you pay $27.50 AUD) Bulk orders: For every 10 cards you purchase (in either of the 2 options above), you will receive 1 FREE. To order greeting cards, please use the Purchasing Prints and/or Greeting Cards Contact Form.
SHIPPING AND HANDLING Domestic shipping costs within Australia: Domestic Australian shipping costs are usually between $3-$13 AUD for prints (or originals) that can be shipped in a tube. Shipping a large number of greeting cards (including envelopes) can usually be shipped for this same amount. International shipping costs (to anywhere outside of Australia): Pricing factors include weight, size and distance of the destination from Australia, however shipping for most international orders cost between $8-$15 AUD.
PAYMENT Payment must be received IN FULL before prints are ordered and artwork is shipped. Non-interest payment plans are available for all customers who need them: Pay a 30% down payment to secure the piece of artwork for yourself. Pay the balance in any length of time you want in any increments you choose. Upon receiving the full payment, the artwork will be ordered and shipped. Upon agreement to commission or purchase an original piece of artwork, I require a 30% non-refundable down payment up to a maximum of $1000 AUD ($1000 USD). This secures the piece of artwork for you until the balance is paid in full. The following payment options are available: 1) Pay Pal (There is an additional $2 AUD ($2 USD) charge per every $50 AUD purchased.) 2) Wire transfer to Australian Bank Account (Australian and International customers) 3) Wire transfer to US Bank Account (USA customers only) 4) Personal cheque in Australian dollars 5) Money order in Australian dollars ENQUIRIES Please email me, Rebecca Brogan, here