John The Baptist Artworks

Welcome to John the Baptist Artworks, the Ministry of Christian fine artist, Rebecca Brogan, based in Tasmania, Australia. View over 200 pieces of Christian artwork (drawings, paintings, photography and sculpture) and read about the experiences with God that inspired them in  Gallery. Come view Rebecca Brogan’s Christian artwork in person at Salamanca Market each Saturday in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia. Original artwork, prints and greeting cards are for sale, with ALL profits going to Christian ministries and charities; see About John the Baptist Artworks.

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God longs to have a per­sonal rela­tion­ship with each one of us. Learn how to enter into that rela­tion­ship through this message.

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Learn more about John the Bap­tist Art­works and Chris­t­ian artist and songwriter/musician Rebecca Brogan.

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Salvation Testimonies

Are you search­ing for truth? Do you ever won­der about God: Is he truly real? Is there any evi­dence of his exis­tence? Which god is the “right” god? Count­less peo­ple from dif­fer­ent coun­tries, reli­gions, back­grounds and cul­tures around the world ask them­selves these same ques­tions. Read their per­sonal accounts of how they encoun­tered the Liv­ing God.

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Is God Real?

Pentecost drawing of Holy Spirit fire. Picture of the Holy Spirit coming on the Day of Pentecost. Holy Spirit is descending as a dove in fire. Tongues of fire are separating and resting on disciples from all around the world. From Acts 2. Feast of Pentecost. Feast of Weeks.Is God real? Finding the truth about God is the most important issue of our lives, for it affects our eternal destiny. Is God Real?”features some of the most frequently asked questions about God, Jesus and the Bible. I have provided brief answers as well as links to webpages and videos for further study.

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All Profits to Charities

John the Bap­tist Art­works (JTBA) sends all profits from the sales of artwork (beyond operating expenses go directly towards evan­ge­lis­tic and char­i­ta­ble work. Sales firstly sup­port JTBA’s weekly evan­ge­lis­tic out­reach at Sala­manca Mar­ket (See About John the Bap­tist Art­works for more infor­ma­tion). All prof­its beyond this get sent to 3 major inter­na­tional Chris­t­ian mis­sions and char­i­ties (See the Min­istries Link Page for more infor­ma­tion about these orga­ni­za­tions and the work they do.) To see what projects money has been donated to in the past, see About John The Bap­tist Art­works.



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