Fine Art Gallery & Landscape Photography

Fine Art Gallery

Rebecca’s Christian fine artwork is inspired out of her personal relationship with God. It records her experiences with him and is the visual overflow of her spiritual journey.

Landscape Photography

Rebecca’s landscape photography of Tasmania and beyond captures the magnificent artwork of God. She captures these gems, hidden in the wilderness, to share them with the world.

Welcome to John the Baptist Artworks, the ministry of Christian fine artist and Tasmanian wilderness landscape photographer, Rebecca Brogan, based in Tasmania, Australia. 

Rebecca’s fine artwork captures her experiences with God while her landscape photography captures the artwork of God.

View Rebecca’s Christian fine artwork and Tasmanian wilderness landscape photography at Salamanca Market. 

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Recent Photograph

Musk Lorikeets (Glossopsitta concinna) are found in southeastern Australia, including Tasmania. They group together in flocks within dry eucalypt forests and suburban areas. Musk Lorikeets use their specially designed brush-tipped tongues to gather nectar and pollen from flowering trees, although they also occasionally feed on seeds and small insects. Purchase Here

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