All Profits Go To Charity

John the Bap­tist Art­works sends all profits beyond operating expenses to two major, trustworthy international Christian charities: Samaritan’s Purse and Barnabas Fund.

It is such a joy for me to partner with others through the sales of my artwork and photographs to give to those who are most in need.  Thank you to all who support John the Baptist Artworks and the ministries we give to through your purchases and donations. To see my Statement of Faith, which undergirds my ministry, please see Image Use Policy

Money has been donated to:

  • Bio water filters, filter moulds and water wells in Southeast Asia
  • COVID – 19 emergency field hospitals in Italy and New York City
  • Rescuing and rehabilitating girls and women from prostitution and the sex industry in Southeast Asia
  • Rescuing and caring for enslaved children
  • Building maternity hospitals in Cambodia
  • Feeding hungry babies and children
  • And many other projects

Money has been donated to:

  • Emergency relief aid during natural disasters
  • Aid and supplies for victims of violence: Syria, Middle East, Nigeria
  • A mobile hospital in war-torn Iraq
  • A girls’ home in Kenya, providing refuge for girls at risk from traditional African religions and genital mutilation
  • Rescuing Syrian and Iraqi Christians fleeing from Islamic State, helping them immigrate to Europe
  • COVID – 19 aid in Asia, Africa and the Middle East
  • Support for East African locust plague victims
  • And many other projects