Salvation Testimonies

Anonymous, Myanmar (personal information not listed for security reasons)


I was born May 30, 1958, into a tribal family in Myanmar. I grew up worshipping the demon gods of my parents, but in 1976 when I joined the army; I became a Buddhist. Then following Buddhist rituals, I was good to people around me in order to become a prosperous person in my next life.


Then one day while serving on the war front, I was shot; and my leg was severely wounded. Immediately I was hospitalized and lay in bed in agony and pain. Then in the hope that I would be healed, I prayed to Buddha; but I continued to suffer. So out of desperation I cried out to the unknown living God and even promised to surrender myself to Him. To my amazement the very next day I felt the pain greatly lessen. But since I had lost a large quantity of blood and my tissues had granulated, the doctors amputated my leg. Then when my wound healed, I returned to my native village.


Not long after an evangelist who visited my village shared with me about Christ’s saving power. I was hearing the name ‘Jesus’ for the first time in my life. Then when he continued to explain from the Word, I realized that without Christ I would face eternal wrath. Soon greatly desiring to be washed in the precious blood of the Lamb [Jesus], I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior. Some time later I was publicly baptized in water.


When my wife learned about my conversion, she strongly opposed me, but through fervent prayer and sharing of the Word she also turned her life to Jesus. Before long the Lord called me for full-time ministry. Understanding the urgent need to evangelize the unreached villages, I dedicated the rest of my life to win the lost. I am working as an evangelist in the remote villages of Myanmar. Here the majority of the people are Buddhists. In spite of my artificial limb the Lord is enabling me to travel from village to village to conduct open-air meetings, hold home prayer meetings and to share the living Word with the unsaved. As a result several people are believing in Jesus, and many churches are being planted.



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