Salvation Testimonies

Anonymous, Asia, (personal information not listed for security reasons)


Though I was raised up in a Hindu home, I had an aversion to follow the religious customs and I lived as an atheist. After marriage, my wife was mentally disturbed. We called the best witch doctors but she was not cured. Her condition remained the same for seven years. One day one of my cousin brothers came to visit us. We did not know that he had become a Christian. After seeing our pathetic condition, he shared the good news and the eternal life we could attain in Jesus Christ. Later he prayed for my wife and she was healed instantaneously.


Since then my whole family began to follow Jesus. Gradually as we have understood the ultimate reality, we acknowledged the Lordship of Christ. Thereafter we were amazed at the miracles of the Lord in our lives. We began to attend the believers’ church regularly and publicly testified our faith in water baptism.


On learning about our conversion, our relatives turned against and cursed us for accepting a low-caste religion. But we continued to follow the Lord faithfully and began witnessing His love to the people around. As a result few families had come to the saving knowledge of Jesus and a prayer fellowship was started. Gradually the Almighty burdened me for full-time ministry. In response to the divine call, I surrendered myself and joined for a Bible training program.




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