Salvation Testimonies

Anonymous, Asia, (personal information not listed for security reasons)


From early childhood I was trained to follow the rituals of Buddhism to perfection and once I inquired of a monk the ways to achieve nirvana (the state of perfect blessedness). The monk replied nirvana demanded nothing less than keeping the religious laws and good works. He also said that it was the extinction of individual existence. But I found it hard to practice the advice of the monk and decided to live according to my selfish desires. I began to enjoy life with my worldly friends to somehow find peace and happiness. But everything I tried failed to fulfil my heart’s desire.


While continuing in my search for peace, I once happened to attend a gospel meeting conducted in my area. As I listened to the gospel message, I realized that I was a sinner and the true way of salvation is not through good works of keeping the law but only through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. I was then pierced in my heart to confess my sins and accept Jesus Christ as my personal Savior and Lord.


As I received the Lord, divine peace and joy overflowed my life. And I was strengthened to withstand the oppositions from my whole family on the account of my faith in Jesus. With a great passion to learn more of the Biblical truths, I joined a believers’ church where I publicly testified of my faith in water baptism.



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