Salvation Testimonies

Anonymous, Asia, (personal information not listed for security reasons)


Obeying the set rules of the church, I had a very superficial existence. Many times I heard from my Sunday school teachers about the word ‘born-again’, but nobody could give me its definite meaning. As the days passed, a sense of fear gripped me thinking that I would go to hell after my death.


In due course I chanced to meet an evangelist. I found it as the right time to clear my doubts and with enthusiasm I opened my heart to the man of God. He slowly led my attention to the central theme of the Bible and said, “Nobody is ever born a true Christian. But salvation comes only by accepting the Lordship of Christ in our heart”. For my further understanding the evangelist read some Scripture portions. At first I thought all he said was meant for heathens and not for me as I was the member of a Christian family. However, deep within the Holy Spirit urged me to obey the Word. Finally when the evangelist prayed for me, I confessed my lost condition to the Lord and invited Him to be my personal Savior. And we parted with a hearty handshake.




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