Salvation Testimonies

Male, Bhutan, Age 27, (Personal information not listed for security reasons)


I grew up visiting the Hindu temples and bowing before idols. I firmly believed that the Hindu doctrines were real and true and they helped man to reach his destination. For the blessing of my education I often paid sacrifices to the pagan gods.


But as time went by, I felt that my convictions were all wrong. I found I lacked real joy and happiness in my life. I wondered why my gods failed to give me a peaceful life. Then one day I received a Bible from my Christian friend. I was surprised to read how “the Lord stretcheth out the north over the empty place, and hangeth the earth upon nothing” (Job 26:7). At this time I remembered the fact that the earth is a planet. I started searching for the truth. And I came across many evangelists and pastors who shared with me in detail of the origin of the world and the wonderful works of the Lord Jesus. I became more and more interested to hear about the Lord. Also I visited the local church to enjoy the fellowship therein. Then truly convinced of the truth, I opened my heart to Jesus and obeyed Him in water baptism.


I stood firm for the Lord even though there came severe persecutions and threatenings in my life. God gave me much confidence and willingness of mind to be His true witness among the unreached souls. Realizing God’s call for full-time ministry, I joined a theological institute to study the Word. I serve the Lord as an evangelist in the Buddhist and Hindu villages of Bhutan.




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