Salvation Testimonies

Anonymous, Myanmar (personal information not listed for security reasons)


Though I was born in a believing home, Christ was never real to me and Christianity was limited to the church doors. I was active in my church involvement but I had not real reason to do so. Once I had an opportunity to be in a gospel team which was going to different villages to preach the Good News of Jesus. My aim was not to tell people about Jesus but to be in the team as a faithful church member. Little did I realize that my life was to be changed radically.


As I heard the gospel preached to the villagers, I began to realize just being born in a Christian family did not make me a true believer. And I wondered if there was any way for a sinner like me. But the grace of the living God guided and took me to the true path of life. I asked Jesus to forgive me a sinner and give me His life eternal. Very soon I obeyed the Lord in baptism.


Jesus became real to me, and I dedicated my life to His will. Growing in the Lord, I felt His calling to reach out to those who were searching for real way in the darkness of this evil world. I then decided to serve the Lord and committed myself to His mighty hands. God is using me as an evangelist to bring the people of Myanmar to His eternal fold.




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