Salvation Testimonies

Anonymous, Asia, (personal information incomplete or not listed for security reasons)


Atheism influenced my young life, and I strongly upheld to the teachings of ‘no God’ though I was born into a Hindu family. Having no fear of any god, I succumbed to many evil practices. I worked as a travel agent which gave me a good salary. But all my money was lost in worldly pleasures.


When I began to suffer heavy losses, I lost my peace. I even became hysterical at times. And according to my belief I could not approach any god to help me. I became utterly hopeless and desperate.


Then one day while walking through my village with a firm decision to end my life, I happened to meet two young men. Their kindly approach and faith in their God had an incredible impact on my life. I started to think.


For me as an atheist it was difficult to accept the fact that there is a God, but somehow the words of the evangelists penetrated my deep-rooted beliefs and created wonders in my life. I, who had desired to end my life, was now given the gift of eternal life.


I thanked God for His divine providence. Gradually I became aware of the need of Jesus in my life and invited Him to take complete control. It was not an instantaneous decision. Later I was publicly baptized.


As the days went by, the burden in my heart to reach the lost increased. And after the confirmation of the heavenly calling in my life, I decided to learn the Word of God. My desire is to be in the center of God’s perfect plan.




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