Salvation Testimonies

Male, Nepal, Age 62, (Personal information not listed for security reasons)


I was born into a Hindu family in Nepal. When I was barely twelve years old, I ran away from my home with one of my uncles to Bhutan. I was not truly helped and supported by him as I expected. Due to certain circumstances he abandoned me, and I was in a helpless condition. While passing through such a hard time, my friends influenced me to drink alcohol but that gradually affected my health.


One day being drunk while I was out in the street, I overheard beautiful hymns sung in a nearby house. When I entered the house I saw some Christians there. As I sat in the meeting, my ears were tuned to listen to the preaching of the Word. When the meeting was over, I received a gospel tract from him. Reading through, I was motivated to follow Jesus. After a week, I approached him and expressed my heart’s desire to accept Christ. When he explained the Scriptural truths, I committed myself to Jesus and made Him my personal Savior.


Few days later I was baptized in water. During that time I was working in Bhutan. Since the government was not favorable to Christians, we secretly gathered for prayer as a small group at night time. But one Sunday, the police interrupted our worship and took us to the police station. For a whole day we were in jail. Later they sent us back warning us not to preach the gospel in that country. Though there were many obstacles I continued to seek divine guidance. One day while praying, the Lord spoke to me through Matthew 10:27, “What I tell you in darkness, that speak ye in light: and what ye hear in the ear, that preach ye upon the housetops”. I understood that He was calling me to serve Him amidst harsh trials.


Later along with my family I moved to a place in the border of Nepal-India, and being led of the Holy Spirit I started to witness the love of Jesus to untold millions. The Almighty blessed my ministry and as a result sixteen families were added to the body of Christ.




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