Salvation Testimonies

Anonymous, Asia, (personal information not listed for security reasons)


I had only a vague idea about a living God and I spent my time aimlessly. Years went by. And one day one of my cousins came to my place and told about a Christian worker who visits their place every Sunday evening to hold prayer meetings. My cousin shared that many sick people were healed and many were delivered from the bondage of the evil powers through prayer in the name of Jesus.


Then my cousin invited my wife and me to the prayer service and the following Sunday we went for the prayer. My wife who had been suffering from severe body pain for fifteen years was totally cured as the man of God prayed. Thus through the healing of my wife, my whole family came to the saving knowledge of the Lord. Before long we were baptized in water.


Soon the Lord intervened in my life and convinced me of His calling for the ministry. The Holy Spirit strengthened me through the Word, and I started a prayer meeting and through my ministry many were added to the Kingdom of God. The Almighty was merciful to me and He used me mightily in His Vineyard.




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