Salvation Testimonies

Anonymous, Asia, (personal information not listed for security reasons)


I come from a family where my ancestors were sorcerers, so I too followed my father in observing Hindu rituals and practicing witchcraft. The money I earned in this manner I spent on liquor.


However the Lord was very gracious to me and redeemed my life before I was damned for eternal hell. Quite often some of the people in my village who became sick went to church seeking prayer of the Christians when there seemed no other way. I accompanied several of them to know what took place there and thus ended up in participating in the church services. But I did not respond to the gospel truths that I heard at church.


And then one day a mad dog bit my mother and we were discouraged as we did not have enough money to pay for her treatment. Since I had been going to the church frequently, my Christian friends comforted me and assured me that God would heal her and they prayed for my mother. To my surprise the Lord delivered her miraculously and He also helped me to give up all the bad practices and accept Christ into my life as my Lord and Savior. Later I was baptized in water.


The blood of Jesus washed my sins and made me clean, and I became a new creation in Him. Immense joy and peace overwhelmed me as Christ took charge of me. Before long I started testifying the Lord to my villagers and assisted the pastor in church activities, and by the grace of God I established a fellowship there. Meanwhile I received the call from my Master for full time ministry and submitting myself completely to His will I enrolled at a missionary training center to equip for the task ahead.




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