Salvation Testimonies

Anonymous, Nepal, (Personal information not listed for security reasons)


Being orthodox Hindus we worshipped idol gods and ancestors. We visited temples to offer sacrifices to appease them and we believed if we were not offering an animal sacrifice, the wrath would come upon us. So we did all the rituals and invited a witch doctor to pray for us. Things were normal for around four months after which our situation became miserable, and I was fed up with idol worship and witchcraft.


Once a pastor visited our family to share the gospel. It was when my mother was on the sick-bed and none of the witch doctors could heal her. Observing this miserable situation, he spent time in sharing the miraculous deeds of Jesus and His love for us. He explained that nothing could harm us if we believed in Jesus and He would give peace and eternal life. Interested at his words, we asked him to pray for my mother, and she was miraculously healed by God!


The healing of my mother enabled me to trust in the living God, and I began to read the New Testament that the pastor had given me. Gradually, convicted of my sinful nature, I confessed my sins and accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior. Later I witnessed my faith publicly through water baptism.


As I drew closer to God, He strengthened my faith and nurtured me spiritually. When I grew deeper in my faith, the Lord blessed me with the divine calling for full-time ministry. I offered myself to serve Him and soon involved in His service to fulfill the Great Commission of Jesus Christ.




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