Salvation Testimonies

Male, Bhutan, Age 35, (Personal information not listed for security reasons.)


I was born October 27, 1973, into a Buddhist family in Bhutan. My father was a Buddhist priest who faithfully carried out the temple activities. However, my parents’ piety toward Buddha did not bring any blessing. We became poor, and many problems haunted our lives, ruining all our peace. In order to get a solution, my parents performed sorcery, but in vain. Within a short span of time, seventeen of my family members including two of my sisters and one of my brothers died.


During this time, some missionaries came to our village to share the Gospel. Touched by the love of Jesus, my mother opened her heart to Him, yet my father remained stubborn and harassed Mom constantly. However, it was amazing that no more deaths occured in our family after her salvation. Gradually, my father too learned about the grace and mercy of Jesus and gave his life to Him.


Since I stayed in a boarding school, I was not influenced by either Buddhism or Christian faith. When I completed the tenth grade, I returned home and later in 1992, I got married. Prior to my marriage and even after that, my parents shared the Gospel with me. The more my parents tried to lead me to Christ, the more I indulged in sinful activities. As the days passed by, I noticed my mother waking up early in the morning and praying for me. Whenever I saw her on knees, I disturbed her.


A baby boy was born to us on June 25, 1993, who became sick after three months and passed away. That particular night, I was with my friends, drinking liquor. My wife approached me with tears rolling down her cheeks to tell me that our son was no more. When I rushed home, I saw my only son lying lifeless and my relatives were sitting around the dead body wailing loudly.


I was speechless when my mother told me that I was the cause of this disaster, and I broke into tears. My mom again told me that if I truly repented and believed in Jesus, He would raise my son from death. Without further delay, I committed my life to Jesus, and I prayed to Him, pleading for my son’s life. Immediately, the Lord performed a miracle and raised him from death. Now my son is studying in the fourth grade. Since then, I shunned from evil activities and received Jesus as my personal Savior.


Moreover, I devoted my life to His ministry. Subsequently, I was baptized in water.


Since the day I dedicated my life for God’s ministry, I had been praying for further confirmation. In due time, the Lord confirmed my calling and helped me undergo theological training. Presently I serve the Lord with an evangelistic ministry. By God’s grace, I am faithful to God till today.


I serve the Lord as an evangelist in Bhutan, where the majority are Buddhists. Even though it is very hard to preach the Gospel in this land, the Almighty God is enabling me to reach the unreached by witnessing to people personally, distributing Gospel tracts and planting churches.




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