Salvation Testimonies

Anonymous, India (personal information not listed for security reasons)


My parents never wanted me to be a servant of the living God as they placed all their hopes on me. They wanted me to be a popular figure in the society and earn lot of money. The longing of my parents was turned down very soon. Though I followed the traditions of the church, deep within I was eager to know the living God.


As the days went by, my anticipation to know the living God increased. During this time, I happened to attend a gospel meeting where I met Jesus who satisfied my thirst to know God. My heart was filled with joy and happiness when I heard that Jesus was the only way through which one can attain salvation. I accepted Jesus as my Savior by repenting of my sins before the Lord. I regretted for wasting my life without knowing God.


In the days following my conversion, I decided to leave everything I had and follow Christ. I rejected the agendas of my parents and I obeyed the command of Jesus in water baptism. My prayers were answered and the Lord called me to be in His ministry. In order to equip myself to do the ministry in the interior villages of India effectively, I joined a Bible training program.


By seeing the millions who are stooping to eternal fire, I am serving the Lord as an evangelist among the Hindus of India.




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