Salvation Testimonies

Anonymous, India


I was born and brought up from an orthodox Brahmin, Hindu family. I used to worship idols and images as other Hindus do. Nonetheless, I did not have any peace in my heart. In addition, I used to get severe headaches. Sometimes, it persisted for a long time and the pain was unbearable. Although my father who was a medical doctor treated me well, my headaches were agonizing. Even specialists could not help me.


One of my hobbies was in reading books, especially novels. One day, I was searching for some books to read from my father’s shelf. In the midst of his books, I found a very old copy of the New Testament. I started to read from the Gospel of Matthew. While I was reading, I began to question, “Who is the true God? If Christ is the true God, He must bring the right person to tell me more about Jesus”. Undoubtedly, I was expecting an answer.


The next day, an old couple from Tamil Nadu who spoke Tamil (my mother tongue) came to our house. They were sharing the Gospel with my father. Gradually, I joined in and asked a few questions about Christ. That very day, I accepted Jesus and the couple asked me to confess my sins. While I was asked to kneel down for prayer I saw Jesus on the Cross-. He told me directly “Daughter, Your sins are forgiven.” Immediately, I was filled with the Holy Ghost. What’s more, my incurable headache was gone that very moment. Furthermore, the peace I was longing for was overflowing from my heart. As time passed, I was able to share the Gospel with my sister, brothers and my parents. Since 1989, I dedicated to the Lord and Savior Jesus and His ministry.




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