Salvation Testimonies

Anonymous, Asia (Personal information not listed for security reasons)


Born into an orthodox Hindu family, I performed all kinds of rites and rituals with great zeal. From a young age I started consuming intoxicants and was enslaved by many bad habits. Having no awareness of the living God, I did not know that I was treading on a wrong path. As a result there was no peace and happiness in my life. I knew that something very essential was lacking in me, and from then on my search for peace and truth began.


During the period of my quest for truth, my wife became seriously sick. The medical treatments proved to be of no avail. Our prayers to our gods and goddesses did not do any good, they remained silent to our cry for help. I was in dilemma and did not know what to do. However the Almighty was gracious to us. Some of our Christian neighbors came home and prayed for my wife after sharing from the Word. To everyone’s surprise she was completely healed after the prayer. This incident opened our eyes to the truth and each one at home understood that Jesus Christ is the only living God and that He alone could give us everlasting peace. Surrendering my life to the Lord, I received Him into my heart.


Life took a new turn, we gave up idol worship and the pagan traditions that we had followed for many generations. When Christ began to rule in our lives, we experienced joy and contentment that the world failed to give us. Before long I went through the waters of baptism as a public confession of my faith.


I started to grow in the Lord through reading the Bible and praying regularly. Moreover I was much interested to share the love of Jesus to my neighbors and relatives. As I prayed to God for His guidance, I sensed his call for full-time ministry. Soon I was blessed with an opportunity to study in a Bible school. On completing my training, the Lord led me to work among my own people who are under the grip of sin.





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