Salvation Testimonies

Anonymous, Asia, (personal information not listed for security reasons)


My father who was a witch doctor taught us to worship many gods and goddesses along with the god Buddha. But we were always peaceless and disheartened due to the problems and sickness that came upon us one after other. And for deliverance we invited many sorcerers and sacrificed animals regularly and thus spent a great fortune, in vain.


Once my older daughter developed a pain in the chest and neared death. We were distressed and helpless. It was during this time that some of my relatives who were Christians comforted and advised us to seek the face of Jesus, the Divine Physician, and they handed me a Bible. Impressed by their words, I immediately began to read a portion of the Word and the verse James 5:13, “Is any among you afflicted? Let him pray. Is any merry? Let him sing psalms”┬ástruck me. I requested them to pray for my daughter and as soon as they prayed, she was healed completely.


From that day on I welcomed believers into our home for fellowship and invited my villagers to attend these gospel meetings. Gradually understanding about salvation and eternal life in Christ on 21 April 1990 we accepted Christ as our Lord and Savior. Moreover the teaching of the Scripture and the miraculous work of God in my daughter’s life touched many lives and a few family members came to know the Lord. Before long I was baptized in water and made a complete dedication to serve my Redeemer. Soon I began growing in the Lord more and more.


When the fanatics in our village heard about our faith in Christ, they started persecuting us and our fellow believers. But our Heavenly Father was with us as a strong tower in those times of troubles and hardships keeping us safe under His mighty wings. Amidst fiery trials I assisted the pastor in proclaiming the gospel and my hunger to witness the Lord increased day after day. Not long after blessed by the call for full-time ministry I joined a missionary training center to be equipped to proclaim the Good News of Christ.




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