Salvation Testimonies

Anonymous, Asia, (personal information incomplete or not listed for security reasons)


Belonging to a family staunch in its religious beliefs I was taught to visit temples and worship numerous lifeless idols. But the Lord used my mother’s sickness in a powerful way to touch and transform my life for Him.


While I was in college my mother felt tormented by unknown intense forces, which would cause abnormal eccentric behavior like running to the (nearby) jungle and cemetery, hurting herself and shouting out aloud. Our utmost efforts (rites, rituals, witch doctors, sorcerers, doctors) toward her deliverance resulted in utter failure.


Tired, we discarded the faith and began to seek for the true and living God. The Almighty in His mercy, sent His very own that we may hear the name of Jesus and of His redeeming sacrifice as an atonement for the sins of mankind. Assuring us of the divinity of Christ he encouraged us to put our trust in Jesus, as he interceded on our behalf.


We watched in amazement as Mother experienced a genuine and complete release from the inner tempest. As a family we surrendered to the Lordship of Jesus Christ and decided to live for His glory the rest of our lives. Not even family and several oppositions could deter us from becoming Christians. Before long, we publicly confessed our faith in water baptism.


After turning to Christ, I had a hunger to know Him more fully and intimately. So I started spending time in His presence in prayer and meditation of His Word. As days went by, I felt the need of laboring in His harvest full time. Comprehending this to be a call from God, I enrolled into a Bible college for a thorough understanding of the Word. After my graduation, the Lord led me to an interior unreached village for ministry.




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