Salvation Testimonies

Dhanlal, Nepal, Age 22


I was born March 1, 1984, into a Buddhist family in Nepal. My parents were devout Buddhists, and they taught me to follow our forefather’s traditions. Along with them, I visited Buddhist monasteries to observe the rituals and rites of our religion. We also sacrificed animals to appease our lord Buddha.


Since my grandfather was a Buddhist priest, he taught me religious songs and chants. Moreover, he encouraged me to learn how to perform poojas (rituals). I adopted his lifestyle and accompanied him in temple activities. However, though I seemed to be religious, I was not. Associating with a bad company of friends, I consumed alcohol and indulged in wicked deeds.


One day I found my father reading some books and booklets I had never seen before. As he read these books secretly, I did not know what they were about, but I was eager to know. After few days, my father called all of us and began to teach us from a booklet. Only then did I realize that these were Christian books he received from some Christians. He explained the Good News of Jesus to us in the best way he possibly could.


Seeing us respond to him positively, he handed us a copy of the Bible and began to share about Jesus continually. Soon the love of God touched my heart, and I spent more time pondering over the Scripture. Eventually I was drawn to Jesus, and one day I gave my heart to Him, inviting Him into my life as my personal Savior and Lord. Later, I was baptized in water.


As I experienced the salvation of Christ, I was overwhelmed with great joy and peace. Giving up my pagan lifestyle and culture, I started to live for the glory of my Savior, and my life was transformed completely. Since then, my parents and I prayed for that community that they would know Jesus. Consequently, many people came to the saving knowledge of Jesus and a church was established in our locality. Till that time, we did not have the opportunity to worship the Lord, but now communion with godly people and the study of the Word enriched our spiritual lives.


Growing in the knowledge of the Lord, I dedicated my life to serve Him as a missionary. With the confirmation of His call, I soon entered His service to work in different parts of our nation.




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