Salvation Testimonies

Eldadi, Tanzania, Age 36


I grew up in a non-Christian family. In fact, we were not religious at all. We often visited the witch doctor, though, if we were sick or needed help. My biggest sin was that I was a thief. I was with a group of people that always stole things from people.


Once, a famous evangelist came to my city for a crusade. Me and my friends decided to steal expensive things from him. When it came time to take things, I fell down in pain and began to scream. The Holy Spirit would not let me. That night, I repented of my sins when the men of God prayed for me.


From this time, I have been active in preaching the Gospel to the corners of the earth. I have a great passion to help people who are lost to know Jesus. I feel that I am able to live with them and teach them things that I failed to know before I was saved.




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