Salvation Testimonies

Ganesh, India, Age 27


I come from a Hindu family. It was my habit to study in detail the legends of Hinduism. I read the Hindu epics like Ramayah, Mahabaratha, and the Bhagavat Gita to find who was the real God. Since my religion taught about many gods and goddesses, I was confused in whom the truth existed and even wondered if such teachings were false.


One day, I chanced to attend a fellowship in the nearby believers’ church. There the preacher spoke about the Lord Jesus who gives eternal life to mankind. I was truly impacted by the new doctrines I heard. I then made a study on the Bible–the Holy Book of the Christians. I loved to read the Bible again and again as I found it as the hidden treasure of the world. Then, as per the commandments of God, I renounced all the pagan gods and believed Jesus to be my Savior and Lord. This was followed by my baptism in water.


I attended church regularly after I had committed my life for the Lord. Every day I devoured the Scripture portions and kept my ways acceptable to God. In due course I happened to hear about a Bible school from a pastor. Since I like to study more of the truth, I longed to join the course. But firstly, I sought God’s guidance over the matter. Soon after understanding the Lord’s definite will, I enrolled myself in a Bible school. I serve the Lord as an evangelist in the Hindu villages of India, planting churches in the areas God sends me with His love. I am fulfilling the promises I have taken before the Lord.


By seeing the millions who are stooping to eternal fire, I am serving the Lord as an evangelist among the Hindus of India.




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