Salvation Testimonies

Jackson, Tanzania, Africa, Age 38


I grew up in a Muslim family. I was a sinner all of my life, doing things that God hates. My friends would be a bad influence on me, also causing me to do bad things.


One day, I attended a crusade in which a man of God was preaching about how to be truly saved. I listened and found myself knowing that it was the truth. That day, I put my trust in Jesus as my Savior.


Shortly after, I began to actively preach the Gospel under the supervision of the church. My family began to hate me and kicked me out of the family. This did not discourage me from being a Christian, even though Muslims hate Christians.


I attended a Bible college to learn more about the Bible and how to serve God. When I graduated, I immediately left for the villages [as a missionary] without any assistance financially. This was very hard because I went hungry with no shelter, but to serve God is better than these things. I am happy to be saved and serving the Lord as a missionary to the unreached in Tanzania.




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