Salvation Testimonies

Jacob, Zanzibar Island, East Africa, Age 44


I was born in a Christian family of the Anglican church. I went to a local school, and it was here that I started to hear about Jesus and salvation. I learned that the only thing that can bring our salvation is the blood of Jesus. After I finished school, I began to work. I had the idea that the thing that caused you to go to heaven was to be of a religion’, like Anglican or Catholic.


One day, I was coming home from my plumbing job. As I walked down the street, I came upon a man preaching on the street. After this man preached, I came to him and asked him if the salvation he talked about was something that he could buy, or if it was free of charge.


I finally began to understand that day that salvation is a free gift from God, and not something a religion can give to you. That day I became a new man.




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