Salvation Testimonies

Harrison, Liberia


For fourteen years, I lived on in Monrovia city. My parents were Christians, but because of poverty, I became a beggar on the streets. I became an alcoholic which led to many things I am not proud of. Many pastors and evangelists encouraged me to follow Jesus, but I refused. I fought with the rebels in the Liberia civil war and ignored all the calls from pastors during this time. But one day, many months after the war had ended, I attended a Gospel Crusade in a heavily populated Muslim village. It was here that Christ touched my heart, and I repented of all my sins. I became a new person.


I received good Bible instruction from a local school because I knew God wanted to use my life to spread His Word. In my times of ministry, I have experienced many difficulties with the Muslims here. But I realize that they are rejecting Christ, much like I did before I believed in Him. So I continue.




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