Salvation Testimonies

Lazarus, Zanzibar Island, East Africa, Age 60


I grew up in a Roman Catholic family. For many years, I had no peace in my heart, and in no way felt that I was saved in God’s eyes. I tried to save myself, but time and time again, I found myself with no hope. In 1984, I found myself sick with a terminal disease. No doctor could help me and for five years, I suffered under the hands of this problem. There was no hope.


Then, one day, a man of God came to me and told me that he wanted to pray for my sickness. I was immediately healed and knew that God was calling me to be saved. This man of God explained to me the Gospel and that day I gave my life to Jesus. I have since passed through temptations, hard times, and trials, but my sufferings were nothing compared to knowing Jesus.



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