Salvation Testimonies

Letminlal, India, Age 23


Since being abandoned by my mother at birth, life had not been treating me very kind. For the first couple of years my father took care of me with the help of a foster-mother. Later he remarried. The arrival of my step mother did not change the situations either. I was still a neglected child, not loved by anybody.


Due to the family problems my studies were disrupted time and again. Religion was an insignificant part of our life supported only by occasional visitation to the church on Sundays. The older I grew, more frustrated I became. There came a time when I decided to give up living.


It was during this time that I happened to attend a Christian youth camp. In one of the sessions the preachers spoke about the fatherhood of God and His abouding love and care for me. The message touched the unattended aspects of my life. I could feel the peace of God descending down my heart as I broke down into tears. Responding to the altar call I rushed down the aisle and gave my life to Jesus.


Since that day my life had never been the same. I began to experience the love of God more and more as the days passed by. Later I accepted water baptism to publicly acknowledge the Lordship of Christ over my life. I devoted much of my time to prayer and reading of Scripture. As I grew in faith, I felt the Lord calling me into His service as a missionary.




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