Salvation Testimonies

Manoj, India, Age 27


I was born September 27, 1976, into an Animistic (worshippers of nature, ancestral spirits, and many different gods) family in India. The superstitious beliefs of my family kept me blinded from the true living God. In our ignorance we venerated evil spirits and numerous gods. Our devotion went to the extreme of offering animal sacrifices which, as we believed, would appease the supreme spirits and fill our lives with peace, health and prosperity. However, in course of time it became evident that my religion had no power to better our lives. And I personally lost every hope in our traditions as I found myself enslaved to addictions that were killing me moment by moment.


Only the blood of the Lamb [Jesus] could deliver me out of this dark domain of evil. And it happened when an evangelist handed me a gospel tract in which I was confronted with the truth. As the Word of God spoke to me I became sure that Jesus would change my whole being for eternity. To ensure this everlasting transformation I gave my devastated life into His loving hands.


As Jesus Christ became the Savior of my soul I underwent a tremendous change. I was no longer bound to darkness but walked in the liberty of His light. With a grateful heart I made a public testimony of my faith and committed myself for full time ministry. Soon I was enrolled in a Bible school to be equipped for the task ahead in confirmation of his call.


As an evangelist I extend my ministry to the dominant Hindus of India.




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