Salvation Testimonies

Mrs. Isata, Sierra Lione


I was a very devoted Muslim. I fasted during Ramadan and prayed five times every day. As a teacher, I enjoyed working with children and felt like I was making a difference. Then the dreams started.


Almost every night, I found myself dreaming of a cemetery. I was always dead, inside of a grave, unable to get out. I also dreamed that I was flying in utter darkness, eating all types of strange food which made me sick. Each night, I woke up sweating and in great fear. These dreams bought great fear to my life.


In need of relief, I went to the head Muslim in the village. He told me to make a sacrifice of mixed up animals and vegetable extracts. He promised me that if I did this, the dreams would stop. I payed him all the money I had, but still the dreams continued.


The local witch craft priest came to me one day. He performed a protection spell and gave me a protection belt to wear around my waist. This too, failed to work and my despair continued.


A casual friend invited me to her church, I snuck out of my house on Wednesday night, fearful that my Islamic husband would catch me. I was embarrassed and ashamed, so I sat in the back. It was the first time I had ever entered a church.


As Pastor Justice preached, he said that he felt like there was someone here that was suffering and that Jesus wanted to take it away. I thought that someone had told the pastor about my problems. He then went on to talk about evil dreams, and food eating in dreams. He then invited those suffering with dreams to step out for prayer.


By this time, I was sweating so much that my clothes were drenched. As the church members prayed, I fell to my knees, crying to God to forgive me and asking Him into my life.


Since that day, I have felt peace. The evil dreams have ceased and I now have a peace of mind. After undergoing discipleship and teaching at AFJ Believers’ Church, I joined the evangelism team. There are others in my villages who are suffering. God helped me, and I know He can help them too!


Thank you, Jesus, for saving my life!




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