Salvation Testimonies

Oji, Nigeria


July 26, 1999


Oji Eberechukwu is my name. I am a Nigerian engineer and I live and work in Nigeria. I pray that my personal testimony would encourage you and show you the goodness of the Lord Jesus Christ.


For someone brought up in a Christian family, the turn of my life in the University is something that cannot be easily explained. The only possible explanation is as in Ephesians 2:2: The devil works in the life of children of disobedience. And indeed the devil was at work in my life.


So fast was my downward slide that I found myself associated with a cult of Drunkards (Kegites club) whose chief activities promotes sexual immorality and sinful clandestine activities. Rape, smoking of marijuana and cigarettes were my services to the devil. However, owing to my Christian background, I knew what I was doing was wrong but I could not help myself.


I went to church and Christian fellowship sometimes to ease my conscience. But there was no peace in my soul. I really wanted to stop, so I tried to be strict with myself. This could not help me as well. Once my wicked friends came around, all my defenses were broken.


I was in bondage and I needed deliverance. I began to cry in my heart for God to help me. I knew the Lord Jesus Christ was full of mercy and that He alone could save from sin. After graduation and during my National Youth service, I went to a fellowship where the preacher delivered a sermon inviting the lost sheep of the Lord to come back to Him. He called for a fresh commitment to the Lord Jesus. I was so moved, and, knowing that this was my opportunity, I responded to the alter call.


Glory be to God, I was saved that day. I felt the joy of the Lord. I was now free.


But the devil will not let go without a fight. He came back in full force to trouble me. Ignorance and unseriousness drew me back to a life of sin and immorality again. My later end was more miserable than my former state at this time. Fornication was the last yoke to be broken in my life.


Thank God for Jesus Christ, the mighty Saviour who is jealous for His own. He came for me with powerful conviction of my sinful ways. I repented and mended my ways. My joy knows no bounds today as the Lord has been keeping me and sustaining me.


Now Jesus Christ has the whole of me, spirit, soul and body. He gives me grace to follow Him day by day and step by step. His hands are mighty upon me to keep me from falling. There is no place any more for the devil and his agents or his ways in my life.


Today my friends have been replaced by wonderful people of God. I don’t struggle with misery and an evil conscience anymore. Jesus has set me free and I am free indeed. Jesus has not only set me free, he has engaged me in the work of bringing the good news to others. I am now a minister of the gospel in my local church.

What Jesus has done and is still doing for me, He can do for you also. All He wants from you is for you to give him a chance. Will you receive Him now as your personal Lord and saviour? Your life and testimony will never be the same again.



Bro. Oji Eberechukwu

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