Salvation Testimonies

Pa, Sierra Leone, Age 53


My name is Pa Alimay. I am 53 years old with eight children. I help oversee the Mosques in 6 villages. When the idea came to us one day of having the first church in our Muslim village, I said, “Christianity is a white man’s religion. If you allow the Africa For Jesus (AFJ) Church here, I will not be a part of the evil you will bring to this community.


I began convincing others against the church. Soon, the Chief of the village called a meeting for all the villagers in Kamaranka. Reluctantly, I went, not knowing the issue was about the church. The director of Africa for Jesus in Sierra Leone, Mr. Barry, stood up and introduced himself. He explained the love of Jesus and how he used to be a Muslim himself. People respected him because he knew both the Bible and the Quran. In the end, they agreed to allow missionaries to come. I was angry. I yelled at the Chief, saying he was bribed by the Christians. Then I stormed out of the room.


After two weeks, I heard AFJ had sent two missionary families to our village, Pastors Lamin and Joseph. Some of the villagers began to accept Jesus as their Lord. I told my family never to enter that church. Each time I preached at the Mosque, I spoke against Christianity.


One of my daughters, Salma, disobeyed and began sneaking off to the church. She then became a member of the church’s singing group. When I found out I felt betrayed and shamed.


The Senior Priest convinced me one day that in order to turn Salma against the church, we must do voo-doo on her. We even went to the most powerful witchdoctor. But after several months, nothing had changed.


In anger, I decided to poison my own daughter. She fell sick for several days, until the pastors came and took her to the church. When she returned, she was completely well. I asked her what kind of witchcraft the Pastors used on her and she said, “They only prayed for me using the name of Jesus, and He healed me.” I immediately started weeping. I confessed to her what I had done, and she prayed for me and forgave me. The following Sunday, Salma and I went to church together, and I gave my life to Jesus. A baptismal service was arranged for me, my daughter, and five others.


I have become a different man since giving my life to Jesus. I tell everyone my story which has led many to faith in Jesus. I tell everyone, ‘I was blind, but now I see.’


My family and I personally thank God and the pastors for coming to our village.




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