Salvation Testimonies

Rob, Australia, Age 28


I went to Sunday School a few times as a child but have no real memory of going. I do remember praying to God as a child, basically giving thanks for all that I had, my family etc. I was always a spiritual seeker, asking the deeper questions of life, why we are here, what is the purpose of life, etc.


Eventually this seeking led me to the path of the Buddha and so for a couple of years I engaged in meditation and trying to purify my mind and gain wisdom and insights in the meaning of life. Then one night, I decided to go up to the top of a mountain to meditate in the bush by myself. Before I went into the bush I asked the universe for a sign or some words that I could meditate on.


Then I went up to this girl (Julie) and said, ‘What a beautiful view’. She responsed, ‘Yes, it is’. From there the conversation led us into talking about God. She told me how she had been a follower of Buddha but then had found Christ. I asked her many questions about the life of Christ, his message etc. I was amazed by her responses and even moreso by the level of faith that she had. This was something I had never known.


Needless to say I left that conversation shaking, I couldn’t believe the sign the ‘universe’ had given me. So this led me to the church where this girl went. However, when I first went there I didn’t get it, people were worshipping God and Jesus and they all just seemed a bit strange to me. So I only went a couple of times and then continued on my meditation path as I was living in a meditation house at the time.


However, there was something about that meeting with Julie on top of the mountain and something about that church that was drawing me back, so 9 months later I returned, and this time to meet the Pastor, Jeff. He took me under his wing and we started meeting once a week for an hour. He answered many of my questions, concerns and doubts. He gave me this booklet to work through. At the start of it, it talked about how to ask Jesus to come into your life as Lord and Saviour. I read through this, and a couple of days later, I knew it was the right thing to do. I was broken and lost trying to find answers and the way to God on my own.


So I asked Jesus to come into my life, by saying a prayer and revealing my heart to him. After doing this, I asked the Lord that if he had heard me, would he come into my dreams that night and let me know he had.


Well, I was not disappointed. I had this dream of Jesus performing miracles, and he showed me how he had a plan to deal with all the evil and all the sin in my life. Then I had a dream of being born, coming out of my mother’s womb and there looking down on me was my mother and father, from their eyes there was this love, this amazing love that I instantly knew was the love of God, letting me know that I had been loved since the day I was born.


Next thing I know I woke up and found I was holding my pillow tight. In that moment my pillow became the Lord Jesus and also my unborn brother Michael (my parents delivered a 6 month old stillborn before me). I was hugging the Lord. This was a sign for me that I was going to get to meet in person the Lord in Heaven along with others that I have never meet. A flood of emotions came over me, as I realised all the pain and hurt from my life. I cried for about 2 hours, letting go of all the past in my life.


From that night, I have been a devoted Christian. God has touched my life is so many ways and spoken to me through his Word and through regular dreams etc. That was only about 6 months ago. Now there has still been trials and challenges in my life since that time, but there is also this underlying, constant Joy. I now have a rock in Jesus Christ.


Jesus Christ is the Son of God, and His love is beyond compare.




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