Salvation Testimonies

Scott, Australia, Age 38


I remember growing up with a fear of death and wondered what would happen to me after I died. I was sure there had to be more to life than just living, then dying. I think this is something God placed in my heart as a yearning for Him. I tried some really crazy things to try and satisfy my hunger for Him, including crime, drugs, sex, violence and lots more! Some gave me short term satisfaction, but none satisfied my soul.


In 1988 a friend invited me to an Easter camp with his church. I thought Christians were strange, deluded and uncool. At first I said no, but he persisted. I finally relented (I think deep down I wanted to find out more!) I had certain perceptions of church that we not at all based in reality. The “campers” were kind, friendly and loving, and they had something that I found really attractive. I could feel God stirring in my heart and knew something major was happening.


On the final day of the camp I was given an opportunity to respond to Jesus Christ, to accept His amazing sacrifice (that He had died on a cross for me!) and to begin walking in relationship with my Creator! I accepted the invitation with open arms, and life has never been the same since. I cried and laughed and cried and laughed. I can’t explain the joy I felt when finally finding my reason for being here. After years of yearning for more to life, I realised there really was more to life! It was to know and to serve God, and to bring Him glory through my life.


I have also realised since then that nothing can ever make us good enough to get to heaven. That’s the great news of the Bible. We have all fallen short. It’s only what Jesus did for us that makes us worthy. I want to be a better person now because of my deep love for my Father in heaven, not from any fear that I might not get to heaven. There is a real freedom in walking each day knowing that!


I have now followed Jesus for 21 years, and I love Him more than ever. He is the most important thing in my life. He has blessed me with a wonderful wife and 5 adorable children. I now work in full time ministry.


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