Salvation Testimonies

Sun, Nepal, Age 23


I was born December 5, 1980, into a Hindu family in Nepal. The village I grew up in was marked by a sickness which was prevalent in all the families staying there. Counting the epidemic to be the wrath of the gods, the villagers offered animal sacrifices to the gods and goddesses. But all efforts were of no avail. Not knowing what to do, the elders and chief of the village decided to call a pastor who was ministering in a nearby village.


The village head had heard about the pastor and his healing ministry. And one morning the village elders approached the pastor and invited him to pray for the deliverance of the people. The man of God prayed claiming God’s promises and many of the families in our village received healing. So the village chief and the elders made an unanimous decision to accept Jesus as their God. Thus almost the entire village accepted Jesus as their Savior.


However, my family and a few others did not accept the change. And when the village chief and elders learned about our reluctance they personally visited my house and shared the gospel. Eventually everyone at home was convinced about the truth. And acknowledging the healing power of the Lord, my family accepted Jesus in their lives. Not long after, we made a public testimony of our faith.


After my conversion, I grew in Word and prayer. And very soon I began assisting the pastor of my church. Seeing my eagerness to serve the Lord, my pastor directed me to seek the will of God. Thus the Lord confirmed upon me His calling to preach the gospel and opened doors for me to join a Bible school. It is my earnest desire to reach the tribal community of my country.




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