Salvation Testimonies

Suneetha, India, Age 20


I was born July 23, 1983, into a Hindu family in India. We resided in a place that was mostly inhabited by Muslims. As Hindus though, we practiced our religion faithfully. However, we were attracted by the Muslim culture and their monotheistic belief. In due course, our family embraced Islam and worshipped Allah. However, the shift in religion did not bring any change in me. I indulged in worldly things with abandon and enjoyed the company of ungodly friends.


During one of those days of callous living, my younger brother, whom I loved dearly, fell sick. We took him to many hospitals and consulted different doctors but nothing seemed to help. Subsequently, we took him to the mosque but our efforts were in vain. At that point of time, one of our relatives suggested us to call a pastor for prayer. Christian ministers were known for their healing ministry in our locality. Thus, we invited a man of God who shared with us the salvation message and asked us to trust Jesus for healing. Afterwards, as the minister prayed, my brother was miraculously healed, and I believed in Jesus.


Thereafter, I attended a church nearby and grew in the knowledge of the Word. Before long, I made a public testimony of my faith. In the following days, the Lord called and separated me for His marvelous ministry. Thus, in accordance to His call, I enrolled in a Bible school to study the Word systematically and be a faithful minister in God’s vineyard.




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