Salvation Testimonies

Suresh, India, Age 36


I was born January 5, 1970, into a Hindu family in India. As I grew up, there were no means in my life to know the truth. My parents were enthusiastic about idol worship, and I was also brought up in the same ardor. Entangled in the heathen set up, my knowledge of the righteous way was limited. Days went on without much joy and meaning.


Soon after my schooling I went for technical studies. During that period I stayed in a youth home and had several opportunities to hear about Jesus–the living God. However, at that time, I did not really understand the deep extent of His love. Then one day while alone in a room, a man came in through the door with a knife pointed at me. Along with him came several other tough looking guys. Immediately, I rushed to the bathroom and hid myself there for hours. Trembling with fear, I repeated the name ‘Jesus’ several times. To my great surprise, a couple of minutes later the men quietly went away without doing any harm. I was left shaken and bewildered. But soon I realized that it was only by God’s grace that I escaped death that day.


My miraculous escape turned my life to the truth. Since then I started to have fellowship with the believers. As the days passed, I drew closer to the Lord. My constant visits to the church enhanced my understanding of the living God. Besides I received complete healing from an epilepsy which troubled me for years. The divine blessings inspired my wife and me to surrender our lives to God. Fully repentant we received baptism in 1992.


By this period I received a job in Delhi. There I became the member of a believers’ church. The sincere and genuine work of the pastor encouraged me to enter into Gospel work. Soon resigning my job, I joined a Bible school to learn the Word. While in this period God called me to serve Him as a missionary. I thanked God for having honored my aspiration and desire. Through my efforts God is turning the lives of many to the divine path.




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