Salvation Testimonies

Thrisala, India, Age 19


I was born into a Buddhist family in India. I observed the religious rituals from early childhood and practiced it regularly. Being an ardent worshipper of Buddha I visited temples and performed the norms of my religion. One day I became seriously ill and my parents took me to various hospitals. They tried their best to cure me. But when the doctors gave up on me, they were discouraged. They took me to many temples to find relief but it was of no avail.


I became disappointed. For eight years I suffered physically and mentally. Somehow, I was inclined to go to church but my orthodox parents did not permit me. Not wanting to disobey my parents I thought to myself that if there is a living God He will open a way for me. The same day three missionaries came home. As one of them began to share his testimony, I began to cry.


They shared the Gospel with me and invited me to church. I asked my parents permission and they let me attend a prayer meeting. Accepting their invitation, I went to the church and they prayed for me. Instantly I was healed. When I experienced His touch personally, I could not deny His love for me. Having confessed my sins, I invited Jesus to become the Lord of my life. Soon I made a public testimony of my faith. My steadfast walk with the Lord increased a burden within me for perishing souls. I prayed to God for definite guidance and the Lord revealed the call in a special way. I surrendered myself for full-time ministry. To master the Word I enrolled in a Bible school.




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