Salvation Testimonies

Yang, Nepal, Age 34


When I think of my childhood, I remember the pain and agony that I bore till I met Jesus. My parents died leaving me alone in this world and as a child I did not know what to do. Then my uncle took the initiative to look after me and thus brought me into his house.


Days passed. I became restless and felt lonely and disappointed. Longing for comfort and joy I went to another city where I stayed for four years. The problems and hardships never came to an end, but it intensified my grief and made me cry out for solace. As life was not a happy one I returned to the home place but soon was afflicted with a severe sickness. However I had to work as a shepherd to earn money for medical treatment.


One day I reached another area far from our village herding the sheep with my friends. Out there I began to look for a place to buy alcohol for my companions. Fortunately I came to the house of a pastor. Considering this as a golden opportunity he shared the greatest love of Christ manifested on the cross of Calvary. Touched, I committed my life to Christ confessing the sins and accepting Him as my personal Savior. Later I was baptized in water.


Since the day I made a pact with Jesus, He became my everything. Each and every moment of my life I enjoyed His presence and abode in Him through prayer and meditation on the Word. As I was fully in the will of God, I sensed His call for full-time ministry. Surrendering myself at His feet I joined a Bible school to study the Word in-depth and be equipped for the task ahead.




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