LANDSCAPE PHOTOGRAPHY > HOBART REGION AND THE WELLINGTON RANGE – TASMANIA > Kunanyi / Mt. Wellington Summit at Dusk Panorama (Wellington Range, Wellington Park, Hobart)


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Wellington Park contains a large network of walking tracks and fire trails that not only provide access to Kunanyi / Mt. Wellington but also to other mountains, such as Collins Bonnet and Collins Cap. My personal favourite mountain in the Wellington Range is Collins Bonnet because it provides spectacular views of the Huon Valley, the Derwent Valley, Cathedral Rock and the surrounding mountains.

I took this photograph of the Derwent Estuary from the Pinnacle of Kunanyi / Mt. Wellington while I was waiting for night to fall so I could shoot the Aurora Australis. Here is one of the photos I took later that night:

Bushfire Aurora Australis Panorama (Mt. Wellington / Kunanyi, Hobart)

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