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The Wax Lip Orchid (Caladenia Major), otherwise known as “Parson in The Pulpit” is a common Tasmanian orchid that is widespread throughout the island. This photograph of a wax lip orchid was taken in Freycinet National Park near Cooks Beach on the Freycinet Peninsula Circuit.

Freycinet National Park is home to Wineglass Bay and the Hazards, an iconic mountain range resting between Coles Bay and Wineglass Bay. With its crystal blue water, white sand beaches, pink granite peaks and wildlife, Freycinet is an idyllic photographer’s delight. The Freycinet Peninsula Circuit takes between 2-3 days complete and features the best of Freycinet: Wineglass Bay, Mt. Graham, Mt. Freycinet, Hazards Beach and the Hazards. 

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