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Russell Falls is an impressive three tiered waterfall descending 60m (190 ft) at Mt. Field National Park. The easy walk to Russell Falls is approximately 30 minutes round trip and is wheelchair accessible. The track winds its way along Russell Falls Creek through verdant rainforest, towering man ferns and mossy giant fallen trees.

Russell Falls is the first waterfall of the 2-3 hour “Three Falls Circuit”. The second is Horseshoe Falls, another beautiful and well-known waterfall located just above Russell Falls. Lady Barron Falls is the third waterfall, located approximately an hour away. Bushwalkers on the Three Falls Circuit have the option of taking a side track called the “Tall Trees Walk”. This short loop takes visitors past some of Mt. Field’s tallest trees, the Eucalyptus Regnans, which are the tallest trees in the world aside from the California Redwoods.

Photographer’s Reflection:

“Sons are a heritage from the LORD, children a reward from him.” (Psalm 127:3)

One beautiful summer day I decided to take my 4 year old daughter, Amariah, out to do “The Three Falls Circuit” walk at Mt. Field. The first waterfall on the walk is Russell Falls.

I consider myself EXTREMELY blessed to have a little girl who absolutely LOVES bushwalking! Amazingly she never complains, even after several hours of hiking steep, rocky mountain tracks. In actual fact, she complains far more over what colour socks I’ve made her wear on the bushwalk.

I had hoped to capture a photo or two during our walk, but I knew by experience that landscape photography with a four year old assistant is next to impossible. I took my camera just in case. When we got to Russell Falls I was quite impressed with the beautiful angle of the sunlight on the falls, so I thought I’d quickly try to snap a quick shot or two.

I told Amariah to be a good girl on the observation deck for a couple minutes while Mommy took some photos. (I wondered how long that would last before she began climbing something, since she’s half squirrel). Thankfully, there were a lot of tourists around for her to talk to, and they brought out her non-squirrel half, which is social butterfly.

The lighting was so beautiful and compelling that I actually spent a lot of time trying out different compositions. I always lose track of time when shooting, but according to how many photos were on my memory card, Amariah must have been a very good, obedient little squirrel for quite awhile. 

I was so thankful she was a perfect little angel during her Mommy’s entire photo shoot. She is a blessing of God to me. Interestingly, despite all the variations I tried, my first, handheld test shot was actually my best one, which you see here.


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