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Glacier National Park is well known for its beautiful magneta, yellow ochre, blue and green rocks that tint whole mountainsides. As these rocks are swept down into the streams, they become a patchwork rainbow in the stream beds. These rocks were downstream of Running Eagle Falls in the Two Medicine Area of Glacier National Park.

Running Eagle Falls is named after Pitamakan (Running Eagle), a woman warrior of the Blackfeet Nation. Rising Wolf Mountain, which was named after her husband, forms the backdrop for Running Eagle Falls. This waterfall is very unique in that the lower falls flows through a sink hole. When the river is high, the water spills over the ledge on top, forming an upper waterfall.

The area of Two Medicine within Glacier National Park is very important to the Blackfeet. Sinopah Mountain provides a dramatic skyline that is reflected in Pray Lake on still days. Further on, Two Medicine Lake and Upper Two Medicine Lake as well as several beautiful waterfalls can be visited. Dawson Pass and Pitamakan Pass provide exceptional panoramic views of the surrounding mountains.

In 1850 Glacier National Park had 150 glaciers, but due to global warming, only 25 glaciers remain today. Scientific projections predict that all of Glacier’s glaciers could disappear somewhere between 2030 and roughly 2200, depending upon what actions we take or fail to take now.

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