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LANDSCAPE PHOTOGRAPHY > NATURAL PATTERNS – TASMANIA > Sand Pattern 1 (South Coast Track, Southwest National Park)



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Southwest National Park World Heritage Area is Tasmania’s largest park at 6183 square km (2387 square mi). With its jagged quartzite mountain peaks, battered coastlines and buttongrass moorlands, it is Tasmania’s most wild and rugged wilderness. Tasmania’s South Coast Track begins at Melaleuca deep in the Southwest and follows Tasmania’s southern coast for 85 km (53 mi) to its finish at Cockle Creek.


Photographer’s Reflection:


I was mindlessly walking across one of the beaches along the South Coast Track when all of a sudden I realised the awful thing I was doing.


“AHH! I’m walking on ART!” I shouted out loud.


Beneath my feet were the most amazing, elaborate and variable sand patterns I had ever seen, several hundred square metres of them. The South Coast of Tasmania is where the black peat soil of the southwest buttongrass plains meets the white sand beaches of the Southern Ocean, and the churning of the waves sift and sort the dark soil from the white sand leaving behind the most unbelievable works of natural art.



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