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Southwest National Park World Heritage Area is Tasmania’s largest park at 6183 square km (2387 square mi). With its jagged quartzite mountain peaks, battered coastlines and buttongrass moorlands, it is Tasmania’s most remote, wild and rugged wilderness.

South Cape Bay is the southernmost point of Australia and is located within Tasmania’s Southwest National Park World Heritage Area. South Cape Bay can be accessed by either the easy way or the hard way. The easy way is to start at Cockle Creek and walk for a couple of hours over relatively flat terrain with variable scenery through dry eucalypt forests, marshy heathlands and coastal shrub. The hard way is to fly into Melaleuca and walk for seven days (74 km (46 mi)) on Tasmania’s famous “South Coast Track”.

Photographer’s Reflection:

“…where morning dawns and evening fades you call forth songs of joy.” (Psalm 65:8)

I arose before dawn, grabbed my camera bag and headed down to the beach because I wanted to be ready in position to photograph sunrise on South Cape Bay.

Unfortunately, as I wandered around in the failing darkness I struggled to find a good composition. More distressing to me, however, were the clouds on the horizon, for they would obscure the nice light and colour I needed for a good photograph. Tasmania’s weather changes rapidly, so I was on the precipice of joy or disappointment.

As I continued searching for a good composition, I suddenly turned around and saw the sunlight bursting through the parting clouds and coastal mist.

There before me lay the perfect composition and the exact beautiful light I was looking for!

I thank God that, despite my struggles and worries, he graciously provided me with exactly what I needed at exactly the right time and placed it right in front of me. And it was beautiful!

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